project preservation

The Wiregrass Blues Society created the Project Preservation program as an initiative to capture and preserve the Wiregrass’s music culture and history by archiving audio recordings and written data. This Project supports our mission to KEEP THE BLUES ALIVE. We received project grant support from the Alabama State Council on the Arts in December 2019.

The key components of Project Preservation were to 1. Preserve historical data and materials through digital archives and online archives like Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia of Alabama. to ensure the musicians’ impact and musical contributions will be accurately marked and recorded. 2. Preserve audio recordings of impactful music and musicians with origins to from the Wiregrass or Alabama.

Now, that the project has concluded, we are excited to present the community with high-quality music! The Project Preservation album features a superb grouping of musicians playing music that we have been working on through out the pandemic.

The Project Preservation Album has musicians David Adkins on guitar and keys, Paul Hornsby on keys, John Seals on drums, Kevin Scott and Marcus Hart on bass, Tyler Brockett & Greg Davis on guitar, Wolvin James on Harp, and Tony Staffiero on sax! Please see the liner notes linked below for a more extensive look at the Project Preservation songs, production, and studio musicians. The featured players are the incomparable Peggy Jenkins, Marla Drake, and Lil’ Jimmy Reed!


Project Preservation features three impactful musicians Peggy Jenkins, Marla Drake, and Lil’ Jimmy Reed! Peggy Jenkins is a prolific powerhouse singer from Columbus, Georgia. She is known for her powerful blues vocals and rich tone. Next in the line up is ultra-talented Marla Drake from Dothan, Alabama. Marla is a versatile R&B singer and will bring her talent to the stage! Last but not least is a man that needs no introduction, the extraordinary Lil’ Jimmy Reed.



We debuted and promoted the project at the PROJECT PRESERVATION Concert & Fundraiser on Saturday, October 16, 2021.