movers & shakers

The Wiregrass Blues Society has been lucky enough to have dynamic leaders to serve as officers on our board. Without their time and energy, the success of our organization would not be possible. We thank you officers!

Beverly Adams – Served as board treasurer from 2016-2018, helped with marketing materials, and spearheaded the vendor section at the Festival.

Jim Carr – Serves as our current board Vice President since 2016 and helps with many aspects of the festival such as securing venue accommodations.

Ken Evans – Served as Vice President in 2013.

Cindy Garrison – Serves as our current board treasurer since 2017 and has helped with all the Festival’s hospitality details for years as well as recruiting new members.

Lois Miller – Served as co-secretary in 2013-2016 and has been instrumental in developing a WBS newsletter, membership drives, and promotions for the Festivals.

Sharla Sanders – Served as board treasurer and helped with many parts of the Festival from 2013-2016.

Frank Tanton – Served as interim board president in 2013 and also acted as music coordinator.

There are other hardworking volunteers that deserve our thanks! We recognize their hard work and dedication to the WBS. Thank you to the following volunteers!

Dr. Robert Burroughs – Served on early planning committees for the Festival.

Brad Corbitt – helped with early promotion of the Festival.

Tobi Davis – Helped with accounting details for grants through Troy University.

Skip Duffie – Helped with social media, digital marketing, safety and security, and ground logistics for the Festival.

Judy Fulmer and Troy University’s Office of Sponsored Programs Staff – Helped with securing grants and handling various grant logistics fro various Festivals.

Dr. Bill Grantham – Helped edit early text panels on honorees’ bios and supported other parts of the Festival.

Jo Ann Hoekenga – Designed posters for early Festivals and helped with various organizational logistics.

Mitt Kirkland – Served as our marketing/media manager for various festivals.

Kelly Littlefield – Helped with a variety of promotions for early Festivals.

Sarah Marsh – Coordinated Festival volunteers through Troy University.

Dr. Marty Olliff – Served as the Alabama Humanities Foundation scholar for various grants.

Kris Ross – Served as co-director on early Festival grants through Troy University as well as assisted with editing text panel bios for honorees and print/digital marketing materials.

Dr. Robert Saunders – Assisted with coordinating various logistics for the first two Festivals.

Tony Weber – coordinates festival performances with the Wicksburg High School band and helps with Festival grounds cleanup, fencing, and logistics.

Gayla White – Helped with sponsorships of early festivals and promotions.